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  • How Early Should I Arrive on Race Day?
    The earlier the better! Walk-up registration opens at 5:00pm and closes at 6:00pm sharp. If you’ve registered online in advance, you must be checked in by 6:15pm or you will not be permitted to race. Your bike must be racked and all gear is to be in the transition 5min before the race starts. The earlier you arrive, the more time you have for warm up and setup.
  • Do I Need to Purchase One-Day Insurance?
    All racers must have Triathlon Manitoba insurance. You are insured if you are a member of a sanctioned triathlon club or a member of Tri MB. If you are not, you must purchase one day Tri MB insurance for $10when you register online or in person for a race. If you would like to join the Winnipeg Triathlon Club (for $50 which would give you insurance until next April), visit for more information.
  • What Should I Wear?
    Warm weather: shorts and a short or sleevless shirt. Cooler weather: long sleeved top or jacket, long fingered gloves, or even tights. The key is to wear clothing that is breathable. Bike/triathlon shorts offer great padding for the bike section. It’s a good idea to bring a light cover up for after the race to stay warm.
  • Is Everyone Really Good?
    Some people are, some aren’t. Just like your local 5km, there is a group of hardcore athletes going for the win, there are a bunch of middle of the pack types, and there are some back of the pack racers. Our duathlon participants cover the full spectrum of athletes. Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability and we encourage new racers to the sport.
  • Duathlon, what is it?"
    Not to be confused with Biathlon, a Duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. It is most similar to triathlons, with the key difference being the lack of a swimming leg. It is sort of like triathlon for non-swimmers; meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Your time starts when you start the race, and finishes when you cross the finish line. This means that the time it takes you to switch from running to cycling and back again (a.k.a. transition) is part of your race time.
  • Why Close Registration at 6:00pm?
    We often are asked if we can keep registration open later. To ensure all of our racers (including kids) can safely finish the race before dark, we must stick to a tight schedule and adhere to recommendations made by the Tri MB sanctioning committee. We know it can be tough to make it out before the 6:00pm registration cutoff if you work, so we encourage pre-registering online to help you with the rush, or to pre-plan leaving the city early every Tuesday if you’re able to.
  • Can I Use a Mountain Bike?
    Absolutely. Many athletes who are not sure if they are going to commit to the sport and do not have access to a road bike find it quite comfortable on a mountain bike. You will have to work a little harder, but what’s a race without a little challenge.


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